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Flat Roofing in Clovis, CA | Castone Roofing and Construction

Commercial & Residential Flat Roofing

It's not easy to decide what type of flat roof is best for your home or business in Clovis, CA. Some flat roofing treatments are equally suitable for new construction or re-roofing applications, while others are not. Some flat roofing materials offer advantages in large-scale commercial projects but cause problems on smaller residential roofs. Energy performance, maintenance requirements and installation costs are other factors when choosing a flat roofing material.

Membrane & Built-up Roofs

Membrane or built-up roof covers are most frequently used on roofs that have a very low slope, usually less than about 2 inches of drop for every 12 inches of length. In homes, these low pitch roofs are usually covered with either a membrane that is glued to the roof sheathing or by layers of felt and tar with a gravel placed on top to protect the felt and tar. In most cases, when a membrane is used, it will be covered with a granular surface that looks similar to the surface of asphalt shingles. These granules help to protect the membrane from degradation caused by ultraviolet light from the Sun.

Home Remodeling

Whether you plan to sell, refinance your mortgage, or are just investing for the future, a remodeling project is a good way to increase your home's value. We have years of experience in everything from drywall repair, roofing, painting and flooring, to electrical, plumbing, and more. Call Us Now!

Foam Roofing

Foam polyurethane roof system have many advantages. Polyurethane foam and elastomeric coatings for your roof can replace all other expensive roof alternatives that would not last and would not save your energy usage.

When a commercial spray foam roof is applied, work areas can be put back into service almost immediately, which minimizes costly downtime. This coating system has up to 1,300% elongation and tensile strengths up to 4,200 psi. abrasion resistance and tear strength are outstanding. These characteristics, combined with low permeability and high impact resistance, produce a waterproof surface that will bridge cracks and, at the same time, hold up to fork lift and vehicular traffic.

Roof Maintenance

Proper maintenance is a method of sustainability that reduces the disposal of an underperforming roof assembly. Maintenance is vital to the longevity and proper performance for the life of your home's roof. Eventually, something will give way to the stress caused from weather elements exposure and will need maintenance.

Serving the Fresno County area, our programs offer you peace of mind, ensuring complete roof inspection and repairs thorough moisture detection, rock removal, wind and hail damage checks and more. Call Us Now!

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