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Protect your home confidently with composition shingles

Residential Shingle Roofing in Central California & the Bay Area | Castone Roofing and Construction

Composition roofing shingles make up nearly 85% of all home roofing for several reasons. Not only are they one of the most cost-effective solutions for your home’s roof in Central California & the Bay Area, but they also come in a variety of colors, styles, and textures designed to complement the individual style, and characteristics of your home. Composition Shingles are composed of a fiberglass reinforcing mat at the center. The mat becomes saturated with state-of-the-art modified asphalt material and mineral fillers that create a durable, watertight seal. The surface of the shingle is then embedded with a layer of ceramic, solar reflective granules that act as the first defense against harsh weather conditions and debris. Title 24 or “cool roof’ composition shingles are specially designed to significantly improve roof surface reflectivity. By doing so, the shingles abides by the minimum solar reflectivity standards set by the state of California. Title 24 shingles are roughly the same cost as standard composition shingles, and are a primary choice for customers that are concerned about heating and cooling costs.

For a long-term roofing system that is easy to maintain, cost effective, energy efficient, and provides you with a nearly unlimited amount of styles and color options, composition shingles are an excellent choice.

Roof Maintenance

Proper maintenance is a method of sustainability that reduces the disposal of an underperforming roof assembly. Maintenance is vital to the longevity and proper performance for the life of your home's roof. Eventually, something will give way to the stress caused from weather elements exposure and will need maintenance.

Serving the Fresno County area, our programs offer you peace of mind, ensuring complete roof inspection and repairs thorough moisture detection, rock removal, wind and hail damage checks and more. Call Us Now!

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