An interview with our Fresno based Foreman

CASTONE ROOFING & CONSTRUCTION is made up of a core team of employees that are passionate about helping our customers solve problems and deliver excellent service. Jesus "Chuy" Garcia is just one of those exemplerary team members. Leading our Fresno based team, Chuy is the Foreman and leads the crew with knowledge based on years of experience. He's also a master painter and great Dad. Let's get to know him!

When did you start working with Castone?

I have been with Castone  for 3 years, since Sean and Christian founded the company. I have known Christian for a long time. He and I were coworkers and it was there that we began a good friendship. It was through Christian that I met Sean.

How long have you been doing roofing / working in construction?

I have been in this business for a long time. I worked at a painting company for fourteen years, then I worked at another construction company, which is where I met Christian and then I started working with Castone.

What do you like about working with Castone and your team?

In Castone, as a worker, we have the freedom to give our opinion about any project. All the time Sean and Christian take into account the comments of all the workers, even if he is a beginner, and I really like that.

Also, what I like the most about the team,  is that we are like a family. Basically my job is to communicate with Sean and Christian and pass that on to the rest of the workers; that makes me very close to them, so we can consider ourselves, more than as a team, a family.

Which of the guys on your team makes you laugh the most and why?

I have a very special relationship with everyone and I have many good times with them. Sometimes we also enjoy meeting outside of work.

What do you love about living in California?

I really like the weather. I like summers, and to be able to go to the lakes or the beaches and enjoy.

Tell me about your favorite meal. Who makes it for you and what is it?

I really like mariscos, seafood — and when it comes to seafood, I like to cook it myself!

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

My oldest son plays soccer and I love soccer, too. For me, it is very important  to spend time with family. Sometimes we have to spend a few weeks outside Fresno for work reasons, so I try to enjoy as much as possible with them.

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